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  • Is God real or just a figment of man’s imagination. Brother Abdul Muhammad answers this timely question with hardcore facts.What is the truth about God?

    Is God a man or a spirit?

    Who is Master Fard Muhammad?

    What do the Bible and Holy Qur’an say about the coming of God?

    What is a slave name?

    What is the relationship between science and faith?

    What is the true meaning of the American flag?

    Who was Sir John Hawkins?

    And Much, Much More

  • Who is the Devil? Part 1
    The Origin of Man & Mankind Answers:

    Were Adam & Eve Black? Were they the first people on earth?

    Who are the Pre-Adamites?

    Who is the Original Man?

    Is the Devil a man or a spirit?

    Did dinosaurs actually exist?

    How did man originate? Evolution or Creation?

    Who was Yakub?

    Who are the Children of Israel?

    Who is the second Adam?

    And Much, Much More…


Showing all 2 results

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