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  • The Truth About Pork is a shocking DVD that exposes the pig from its tail to its snout with complete scientific proof. Brother Abdul Muhammad is so thorough on The Truth About Pork DVD that it will persuade the toughest critic to eliminate pork from their diet. You’ve heard the rumors now get the ACTUAL facts from Brother Abdul Muhammad on this highly informative DVD.


    The Truth About Pork DVD Covers

    What are the health risk of eating pork?

    What does the Bible say about eating pork?

    Did Jesus say it was all right to eat pork?

    What is the origin of the pig?

    What is the nastiest animal on earth?

    What are some of the parasites found in the pig?

    What is the deadly trichina worm?

    Is there any scientific research to prove pork is unhealthy?

    What are the top 10 diseases that come from eating pork?

    Why do Black people eat the very worst parts of the pig?

    Why don’t doctors and scientist tell the truth about the pig?

    What are some of the deadly by products that come from pork?

    Why should you stop eating pork NOW?

    What is the Truth About Pork?

    Improve your health NOW…get this DVD…get the facts!!!

    Answer these questions and much, much more.

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IL 60649,

United States.

e: info@emtecfilms

Bro. Abdul Muhammad

A student Minister in the Nation of Islam, the life giving teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under the divine guide of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


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