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Wasted: A Message to The Youth


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Wasted: A Message to the Youth is a must-see DVD for all young people. Brother Abdul Muhammad is an award winning educator in Chicago and has brought knowledge of his experience to bear on this power-packed DVD.Wasted: A Message to the Youth is a DVD packed with hardcore truth that young people need.

A Message to the Youth Answers

Is the current generation of young people, a lost generation?

What is the solution to the problem of Black on Black crime?

Should the National Guard be brought in to stop the violence?

What is lynching? Is it still taking place today?

Is rap music the cause of violence in our communities?

Who benefits from Black on Black crime?

What is the modern day form of slavery?

What is the origin of Stop Snitchin’?

What is COINTELPRO? How was it used against the rise of Black people?

What traps have been set for Black & Hispanic youth?

Why has God allowed a generation like this to be produced?

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