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  • The Holiday Lies Exposed is an explosive DVD that reveals the true origin behind Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday and much, much more. The Holiday Lies Exposed DVD is an absolute must for every seeker of Truth. Holiday Lies Exposed answers the following questions.

    Holiday Lies Exposed Answers

    Are Horoscopes real?

    Who were the Pre-Adamites?

    What is the origin of Halloween?

    Where did Trick or Treating come from?

    What is the truth behind Thanksgiving?

    Why don’t Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

    What really happened at Mystic River?

    Who was Saint Valentine?

    What is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

    Who was Bloody Mary?

    What is Black Friday?

    And Much, Much More…

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  • The Christmas Conspiracy DVD reveals the shocking origin behind the Christmas holiday. Brother Abdul Muhammad breaks the TRUTH all the way down. If you fear the TRUTH, the Christmas Conspiracy is not the DVD for you. This DVD is overflowing with information breaking down the true origin of the Christmas holiday as only Brother Abdul Muhammad can. It is a classic!!!

    The Christmas Conspiracy DVD Answers

    Who was really born on December 25th?

    Was Jesus born on December 25th?

    Why are there 12 days of Christmas?

    What does this fat white man Santa Claus have to do with Jesus?

    Who is Santa Claus?

    Who is St. Nick? Is Nick really a saint?

    Why do people hang stockings over the chimney?

    How does Santa get into the house of those who do not have a Chimney?

    Why don’t they have a Jesus village at the mall?

    Where did the Christmas tree come from?

    Was Mary a virgin?

    Why is Christmas called the Yuletide season?

    What is the origin of Rudolph the Red nose reindeer?

    How much money do the merchants make at Christmas?

    How much money do Christmas tree farmers make?

    Is it possible that Black people have been lied to about religion and Jesus?

    Why is Christmas called X-Mas?

    The best gift you can give is the TRUTH!

    Learn the Truth behind the Christmas Conspiracy!

  • All orders are shipped Priority Mail.

  • All orders are shipped Priority Mail.

  • This DVD fully exposes and eradicates the lies surrounding the Christmas Holiday. This is an instant classic and a must-have information packed DVD. This DVD answers

    Who was really born on December 25th?

    Who is Santa Claus?

    What is the origin of the Christmas tree?

    Why is Christmas called X-mas?

    Was Mary really a virgin?

    How much money is made during the Christmas Season?

    What is the seasoning process?

    Are heaven and hell real?

    What is the deadliest day of the year?

    And much, much more…


    What are the top 5 lies told in the name of religion?

    How was religion used to make Black people better slaves?

    What is Jones’s Catechism?

    What is the truth behind Christmas, Halloween and Easter?

    What is the Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

    Is God a man or a spirit?

    Why are Black people still impacted by slavery?

    Who were the first people on earth?

    Are Heaven & Hell Real?

    Who is the real Jesus?

    And Much, Much More

  • The Truth About Pork is a shocking DVD that exposes the pig from its tail to its snout with complete scientific proof. Brother Abdul Muhammad is so thorough on The Truth About Pork DVD that it will persuade the toughest critic to eliminate pork from their diet. You’ve heard the rumors now get the ACTUAL facts from Brother Abdul Muhammad on this highly informative DVD.


    The Truth About Pork DVD Covers

    What are the health risk of eating pork?

    What does the Bible say about eating pork?

    Did Jesus say it was all right to eat pork?

    What is the origin of the pig?

    What is the nastiest animal on earth?

    What are some of the parasites found in the pig?

    What is the deadly trichina worm?

    Is there any scientific research to prove pork is unhealthy?

    What are the top 10 diseases that come from eating pork?

    Why do Black people eat the very worst parts of the pig?

    Why don’t doctors and scientist tell the truth about the pig?

    What are some of the deadly by products that come from pork?

    Why should you stop eating pork NOW?

    What is the Truth About Pork?

    Improve your health NOW…get this DVD…get the facts!!!

    Answer these questions and much, much more.

Showing all 8 results